Rent reduction

Based on a regulatory point system every rental property has a limit on rent. This amount is determined on property features.​ >>>

Service fees and utilities

Does the landlord pay the utility company the exact amount you pay him/her? The answer is no. The amount paid by you is often higher and your landlord will keep the difference. >>>

Maintenance defects

Are there any maintenance defects that the landlord is not fixing? Take action! Not resolving any maintenance defects can result in a rent reduction. >>>

All-bills-paid rent

All-bills-paid rent means your contract indicates a set monthly charge, including utilities and possibly service fees. According to Art. 7:258 BW this is illegal. >>>

Preventing rent increase

Your landlord is allowed by law to increase your rent annually. In order to do so the landlord has to follow many strict requirements. The rent can’t be increased if your landlord doesn’t abide by these requirements. >>>

Other questions

Can’t find all the information you need on our website? No problem! Our consultation is free and we are always here to help you. Send us a message and we will get started right away. >>>