Rent reduction

Rent reduction

Based on a regulatory point system every rental property has a limit on rent. This amount is determined on property features.​ Amenities are valued on a point based system and the square meter is a determining factor. A lot of renters think that location and housing shortage are to blame for higher rent, but that is not the case. However, rent is often much higher in popular locations.


Ronald (20) and a friend have rented the front of a mid-terrace house since 2015 (see picture). He pays €525,- in rent for 40 square meters.

This home’s point total is 80 and the rent should be €389,33. Ronald and his roommate will receive payment of €1450,- for over payment of previously payed rent. Thanks to Robin Hood, Ronald and his roommate are saving €1628,04 in rent yearly.

Complimentary rent verification

If your rent turns out to be too high, we would love to help you lower the rent. Are you curious to see if you are paying too much in rent? Contact us or set up a complimentary consult.

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