Who we are

As a rent team, Robin Hood has been mixing in the fight to enforce fair rents since 2018. We believe it is important to make a positive contribution to society. A tenant is strong in terms of rights but often does not have the necessary knowledge or an ample wallet. Robin Hood wants to make tenancy law understandable and accessible. They do this by providing free legal advice and No Cure, No Pay litigation. This gives every tenant the opportunity to rent under the best circumstances.

Our team

At this moment the team of Robin Hood consists of the following persons:

Yoeri Delfstra

In 2018 Yoeri came to live in Groningen and was shocked by the extreme rental prices. How could this happen? Why didn’t anyone do something about this? Yoeri himself already had a few years of experience in lowering the rents of friends and family. He had also just finished his law studies. This resulted in the birth of a new folk hero. Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Together with his Merry Men, they are at it day and night for tenants.

Joris Wellen

Since 2021, Joris has been involved with Robin Hood. From a young age, Joris stood up for children who were bullied. In high school he dreamed of a career as a lawyer. Meanwhile Joris is studying at the University of Groningen and wants to continue with the Master Tax Law. With his sense of justice and energy he is eager to make a change in the rental market. High rental prices should be a thing of the past! With his help, the privileged position of landlords is over.