Robin Hood – Renters Help

My name is Yoeri Delfstra. You might know me from this Sikkom-article. I am a law student with a passion for tenancy law. As the one-man army called ‘Robin Hood Renters Help’ I defend the rights of other renters.

I am a renter as well and have successfully lowered rent and service fees on multiple occasions. The housing market is full of deceitful landlords. Scammers come up with new tricks constantly to get more money out of you.

When and why did I start?

Since 2015, I have been defending the interest of me and my friends. I have been helping more people since late 2018 and have been shaking up the housing market ever since. The exploitation of renters should be a thing of the past. Experienced landlords usually have an advantage, knowledge wise, over the renter. This is why a lot of landlords keep asking far too much rent. Renters also fear the consequences for taking action. With the right tactics this won’t be the case. As a renter, you can stand firm because you are well protected by the law.


As an ally of the renter I try to make the tenancy law more understandable. When taking legal actions and arranging formal affairs, the renter will be kept out of the line of fire. The renter will be part of the process from beginning to end without having to lift a finger.

Free advice on renting

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