Rent reduction

Rent reduction

Every rental property has a maximum rental price according to the legal points system. Rental prices are based on multiple housing characteristics (square meters, garden, amenities, etc.). Facilities are valued with points and m2 are decisive. Many tenants think that location or housing shortage also lead to a higher rent, this is not correct! Nevertheless, rents in popular locations are often a lot higher.

Example situation

Ronald (20) has been renting the front of a terraced house together with one of his friends since 2015 (see photo). He pays €525,- basic rent and for 40m2.

The house comes with a point total of 80 and a basic rent of € 389.33. Ronald and his roommate get retroactively approximately € 1450, - in overpaid rent back. Ronald and his roommate save € 1628.04 in rent annually through Robin Hood.

Free rental price check

If it turns out that your rent is too high, we can help reduce your rent. Are you wondering if you pay too much? Please contact us or make a free appointment!

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