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Rent reduction

Every rental property has a maximum rental price according to the legal points system. Rents are based on multiple housing characteristics (square meters, garden, amenities etc).

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Reclaim service costs

Are the actual service costs equal to the advance paid? The answer is no. In many cases, no settlement takes place in error or costs are charged that you do not have to pay.

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Maintenance defects

Are there maintenance issues that are never addressed by your landlord? Then take action now! Failure to remedy defects can lead to a lower rent.

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All-in rental price

You speak of an all-in rental price if your contract contains only one total amount. This price includes rent including your energy costs and possibly service costs. Legally, this is according to art. 7:258 BW prohibited.

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Preventing rent increases

Your rent may be increased annually according to legal percentages. There are strict requirements for this. Does your landlord not adhere to this? Then the rent increase will not take place.

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Other questions

Can't find all the information on our website? No problem, our advice is free and we are always willing to help you. Send us a message and we'll get to work for you right away!

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