Split all-in rental price

All-in rental price

You speak of an all-in rental price if your contract contains only one fixed total amount. This price includes your rent including your energy costs and possibly service costs. Legally, this is according to art. 7:258 BW prohibited. Landlords are severely punished and lose 20% of the old all-rent when submitting correctly (art.17 Uhw).


Marinda (20) has a room and with its own kitchen and shower. Only the toilet is shared. The room is approximately 25m2 and she pays € 450, - all-in rent. Marinda asks us to check her contract. We propose a split to the Rental Committee. The new rent will be € 247.50 basic rent with an advance energy costs of € 112.50. Marinda saves €90,- per month.

Final bill for advance energy costs

Does she not get a final bill for the energy costs? Then she can get money back again via a recovery of energy costs.

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