Divide all-bills-paid rent

All-bills-paid rent

All-bills-paid rent means your contract indicates a set monthly charge, including utilities and possibly service fees. According to Art. 7:258 BW this is illegal. Landlords are heavily penalized when doing so (art.17 Uhw).


Marinda (20) is renting a room with a private kitchen and shower. Only the toilet is shared. The room is approximately 25m2 and she pays €450,- with utilities/fees included. Marinda asks us to review her contract. We propose to divide the cost of the rent to the rent tribunal. The rent is now €247,50 with a utility deposit of €112,50. Marinda saves €90,- per month..

Final utility statement

Doesn’t she get a final utility statement? That means she can reclaim the utility cost.

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